Investing in Bela

Welcome aboard the Bela train!

A Letter from our CEO

We are gaining steam as we take on (and begin to beat) the social media giants with an innovative, cryptocurrency-based solution.

Belacam is a social media site where you get paid for creating and sharing content that other people enjoy. Each 'like' carries a $.05 - $.10 micro-transaction, so each 'like' you get means someone else enjoyed your photo. When you give someone else a like, you're tipping them for sharing their content too. It's an economy based around our social interactions.

Whether motivated by goodwill, honest enjoyment, or a few economic benefits that we provide to people who give likes, over $5,000 has been given around the site to content creators. That's over 100,000 likes in our first 3 weeks of operation.

We're leading the rise of micro-entrepreneurs all around the world. With Belacam, anyone can earn a few extra dollars a day by sharing their own original photos. It makes you wonder: why would you ever post your photos for free on sites like Instagram again?

The best part about Belacam is that original content and photos are the ones that earn the most. You won't find ads or corporate-paid promotions. Instead, high-quality content rises to the top, creating a cleaner, more refined social media site. It's the Belacam social media economy.

For now, continue to follow the steps below to learn about Bela and decide whether you are going to be joining us on this journey.

Tyler Marx
Chief Executive Officer
Belacam, Inc.

Step 1

Read the White Paper

Bela has been in development for nearly 5 years, and our whitepaper gives a quick overview of our mission, our progress, and our future.

White paper

Step 2

Learn about Belacam: Bela's purpose

Belacam is a photo sharing site, like Instagram, where you get paid around $.05 for each 'like' you get on your photos. The site has over 25,000 users and has seen thousands of dollars given to others for posting quality photos.

Step 3

Review the Team

It's important to know who's working to make Bela succeed. Since our team is spread out around the globe, not an hour goes by when someone isn't working to make progress on Bela or Belacam, in one area or another.

Mark Galant Live Bela

Mark Galant


Founded / GAIN Capital

About the Investment
Tyler Marx Live Bela

Tyler Marx

Co-Founder & CEO

NFIB Top 100 Young Entrepreneur

Tanner Roughton Live Bela

Tanner Roughton

Co-Founder & COO

Dropped out of college for Bela

Rob Masri Live Bela

Rob Masri


Professor at the University of Virginia School of Law

Joe Jordan Live Bela

Joe Jordan

Blockchain Developer
Sokhom Heng Live Bela

Sokhom Heng

Belacam Senior Developer
Zhao Songxun Live Bela

Zhao Songxun

Belacam Senior Developer
Akhil Raj Live Bela

Akhil Raj

Belacam Junior Developer
Akhil Raj Live Bela

Matthew Lancellotti

Software Developer
Sergey Logvinenko Live Bela

Sergey Logvinenko

Russian Regional Representative
William Ikiabo Live Bela

William Ikiabo

Nigeria and Africa Representative
Zan Live Bela

Žan Poglajen

Slovenia Representative
William Rysanek Live Bela

Will Rysanek

Belacam Moderator
Chris Angelleli Live Bela

Chris Angelelli

Bounty Cow Manager

Step 4

Understand that Bela is a "Micro-cap" Altcoin

Micro-cap cryptos have less than a $10 million market cap. There's tremendous profit potential in these types of tokens because due to their small size, it takes less purchasing to move the market up. For example, a $100,000 investment in Bela would move Bela's price quite high while the same investment in Bitcoin wouldn't affect Bitcoin's price at all.

However, micro-cap altcoins tend to be extra risky. They often have lower liquidity and volatile markets. Many micro-caps are dead projects, are run by shady anonymous developers, and have little history.

We're not like most micro-caps, though. Belacam has over 25,000 users, our team is public and backed by the founder of, and Bela boasts a well-documented history that spans nearly 5 years. We're here to make Bela into something big.

See our Overview on

Step 5

Buy Bela

Buy Bela

Once you are ready, you can purchase Bela at There are a few other options as well for purchasing Bela, like CoinExchange and, but Mercatox tends to have the most trading volume.

Since Bela is an altcoin, you purchase it with Bitcoin. If you don't yet have Bitcoin, here's how to invest in Bela:

  1. Buy Bitcoin on
  2. Send your Bitcoin to your account (in the Deposit section)
  3. Navigate to the Bela market and buy Bela

Buy Bela on

Be sure to research the risks associated with trading cryptocurrencies and know to never invest more than you can afford to lose in any investment. Owning Bela does not entitle you to any equity or ownership claim of Belacam, Inc.

Step 6

Set Up a Bela Wallet

While setting up your Bela wallet, you may need some of the following information:

  1. Bela Contract Address: 0x2e98a6804e4b6c832ed0ca876a943abd3400b224
  2. Ticker Symbol: BELA
  3. Number of Decimals: 18


Basic Wallet
Great for storing and sending
Chrome Browser Extension

Get Metamask


Intermediate Wallet
Can connect with Metamask

Get MyEtherWallet


Mobile Wallet
Simple and Easy
Limited Features

Get Trust Wallet

Stake Bela

Step 7

(OPTIONAL) Stake your Bela for Passive Income

New Bela tokens are minted through Proof-of-Stake (POS) using our contract’s internal staking function. Staking Bela is like setting some aside in a bank and earning interest on it. Unlike a bank though, you always remain in control of your Bela.

If you stake Bela to maturity for the required 30 days, you will receive a share of minted Bela directly proportional to the amount you staked. Monthly Bela returns tend to be 3 - 6%, and it fluctuates based on how many others are staking and how much Bela you decide to stake.

Staking Guide Stake Sharing

Step 8

Where to go from here

It's great to have you join as one of Bela's early adopters. Explore the Bela community to stay on top of Bela-related news and announcements.

  1. Create an account on Belacam
  2. Join our community Telegram chat
  3. Follow us on Twitter