What's New

A Brand New Codebase

The biggest obstacle to public acceptance of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin is how difficult it can be to use. We're engineering Bela's user interface to be as simple as possible, and we're organizing a team of developers whose sole purpose is to make Bela easy to use.

The Phoenix Hard Fork

To update Bela's source code, we will be borrowing much of the same code that powers Litecoin: one of the world's top global decentralized currencies. Litecoin's code is open source, which means we can clone the best parts of it while adding our own improvements where we see fit. This gives Bela world-class tech that makes us instantly competitive with industry leaders like Bitcoin itself.

Estimated Rollout: February, 2018
Bela Source Code Update



SegWit will clean up unnecessary information from Bela transactions allowing our network to handle nearly 4x more transactions at a time. It also makes transactions more secure. This paves the way for Bela to scale to be used by thousands of projects and apps without seeing the same congestion that occasionally plagues Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Estimated Rollout: Q1 2018

Lightning Network

The Lightning Network brings nearly instant Bela transactions. By using smart contracts, there's no need to wait for block confirmations before your money goes through the network. The lightning network could make Bela transactions faster than even current debit or credit card transactions, paving the way for widespread adoption by corporations, banks, and mobile payments processors.

Estimated Rollout: Q2 2018 - Q4 2018
Lightning Network

Live Bela LLC: The Company Behind Bela

Headquartered in Charlottesville, Virginia, we founded Live Bela LLC to maintain Bela's source code, build up the community, and devise software, projects, and plugins that give Bela real-life uses.

Maintaining Bela's Source Code

Live Bela LLC is responsible for actively maintaining, updating, and keeping secure Bela's source code.

Real Life Uses

The company builds uses for Bela that could include the likes of payment processors, new mining software, or a cryptocurrency-based payroll system.

Actively Funded

After the first source code overhaul, a small percentage of each Bela block reward will go back to the Live Bela team, supporting further Bela development.

Legally Compliant

Live Bela LLC is registered with the US Government. Delaware LLC File Number: #6507095


Business development, designers, and developers: We're hiring!

Featured Bela Project

Belacam: Snap, Post, Paid.

Belacam is a photo sharing site like Instagram where you get paid around $.05 in Bela for each like your photo gets. You can withdraw that money or use it to like other users' photos.

Belacam Gamma is currently being tested. Once we're done with this, we'll roll it out for public use!


Start Mining Bela in Under 10 Minutes

Minebela.com is the official Bela mining pool, run by us. We make is super easy to get mining, the low fees go back to support Bela's development.

With our Getting Started guides on the site, we give you the information you need whether you're mining on a $10,000 rig or your Windows desktop computer.

Get Mining


Fork the project on GitHub

Bela is open source! It's hosted, developed, and maintained on GitHub by Live Bela LLC.

View GitHub Project
Secure your BELA

Bela Wallets

To receive, send, and store your Bela, you need a wallet. The desktop wallets put you in control of your own money while the Coinomi desktop allows easy access on the go.

Mac Wallet Windows Wallet Coinomi Web Wallet

or build the Bela daemon in your terminal


Frequently Asked Questions

Drop us an email at contact@livebela.com if you can't find an answer to your question in the following list.

What is Bela?

Bela is a type of digital money is meant to be easy to use. You can use Bela to pay for certain goods and services, make international payments, and easily handle in-app payments.

What is Bela's maximum supply?

Bela's maximum supply is capped at 54.75 million Bela.

How fast is Bela's blockchain?

On average, one block is found every 2 minutes. Each time a block is found, Bela transactions are processed. This makes Bela 5x faster than Bitcoin.

If I hold Bela, do I get a share of Live Bela LLC's revenue?

No. Bela is a cryptocurrency and does not represent any equity or revenue rights to Live Bela or any other company that uses Bela.

Where can I buy Bela?

You can currently buy Bela at the world-famous Poloniex exchange or the ulta-secure, decentralized Crypto Bridge exchange.

Can you explain what Live Bela LLC is in better terms?

Think of the Java programming language that runs software and websites. Java is free to use and open source, and its maintained and improved by Oracle (a $200 billion company).

Oracle makes money by building plugins, performing consulting, or creating software that uses the Java language. Bela is like Java, and Live Bela LLC is like Oracle.